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Oct 3, 2002
It has now been two months since I first requested a withdrawal of my winnings. First they tell me to fill out a fax back form. That is okay, I send the fax, however after a few weeks, they get back to me saying they can't find it. I then scan the documents and send them by email. A few days later they say that they have found my fax-back form, however the signature is unclear and the utility bill is unviewable. So to satisfy them, I scan the documents again and send it to them once again by email. No reply, so I contact them using the LivePerson link. All the customer-representative want to say is that "your situation requires manager authorisation". Then she hangs up.
A few weeks later I get another email, where they explain that my cashin-request has been denied, because the utility bill is not viewable. OK, I send them the utility bill again (third/fourth time). A few days later they send another email. They have received the utility bill, however the signature on the fax-back form is unclear. So I send them another scanned image of the fax-back form. That was one week ago, since then I haven't heard from them. I think I have been sending these documents to cashmybet up to 6 times now. Whenever I ask them to verify that they have received these documents, they just simply won't reply.
I think cashmybet is related to grandbanks/black widow casino (did a search on the support phone number in google, it is 1-888-262-5458)
They may just be using the same outsourced Support.

This is an old ruse often used by casinos that want to slow down the cash outflow of payouts. It is often a bad sign that the casino is in financial straits.

Two months is way too long to have to wait for a payout, but before you are tempted to start actively trashing them you should try and escalate to casino management, and if that doesn't do the trick get a mediator like Bryan here or maybe the OPA to try and recover your cash (prior trashing makes a mediation more difficult to achieve)
Thanks for the advice.
It seems like they are about to pay me now. I recently received my deposit back to my PayPal account, and they have confirmed that a check with my winnings is in the mail.
Just for your information: CashMyBet never sent the check to me, and they didn't reply to my email when I asked if they had sent my check. It has now been almost 6 months, and I have given up getting my winnings :uhoh:
That's another ruse.

Launch a complaint here or at Gambling Grumbles.

This is an RTG-powered operation, which are among the biggest complaint-generating casinos on the Internet.

RTG complaint responses are patchy but if you have tried to escalate your complaint to casino management without success you might also contact:

They're all "managers" at this software provider who may or may not decide to lend a hand on your behalf.

You'll find that contrary to their "legally licensed and fully insured" website claims these RTG supplied casinos usually are not, so that avenue is closed to you, I'm afraid.

I'm not sure if RTG is a member of the Interactive Gaming Council. If they are that would be a good place to stir things up, too.
Kornelione, your patience is astonishing.

I'll contact the casino and RTG on your behalf, so that at least they are aware that I'm aware of what's going on.

I thought you would have been paid by now.
The casino refuses to answer my emails (three). And I'm really disappointed in the lack of response from RTG.

Cashmybet is now deemed a "rogue" casino. Comments RTG?
This really is disgraceful, and Cash My Bet and RTG can expect another mention in our "Casino Cautions"

Giving players the runaround and then ignoring both their and their mediator emails is asking for trouble....and they'll get it.

Good decision, Bryan - these folks are clearly rogue casino candidates!

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