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Sep 21, 2004
Gods Country Canada
First of all I want to say one thing before telling my story, Carnival has always paid me as per my win without hassle. Here goes, I sarted playing at this casino because of an email I recieved with a generous sign bonus and very low W/R 8x, I jst so happens after a $90 deposit I played for hours and then hit a straight flush on let it ride $5016.00 payout, I had wagered over $7000.00 and had no trouble getting paid. I trusted and made many deposits without any bonuses except every Thursday I would get this one


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Copy the link and read the T&Cs, when I tried to collect this bonus they made every excuse from its for new players only (there are different T&Cs for new players) to my deposit to withdrawl percentage was to high becuase I was lucky here and had quite a few $500-$1000 withdrawls. I received bonus emails daily from them but this was the only one I would redeem because its only 4x W/R. Customer service was ignorant to me and I had to got to email the manager and wait a couple of days to get it, this happened 4 times and each time C/S was so rude anyway to make along story short because I won to much and followed all their rules I have been rewarded with a closed account. Great customer service, I highly recommend them. :lolup:
Two things you did "wrong" made you an unfavorable customer. You carefully read the wagering requirements and followed them flawlessly.... and you had the self-control and wisdom to cash-in while you were ahead. Sounds like they're afraid of you. Take it as a compliment and move on to somewhere else.
This group is dumped although I haven't got much of the details on my site but you can read about it on casinomeister:

It took me a while to figure out why I couldn't even withdraw a few dollars after completing the wagering but it seemed like they increased the non cashable bonus in my account (I had deposited $300 for a $300 bonus with a zero previous balance and no outstanding wagering requirements on previous deals).

In fact the non-withdrawable portion had been set to $500!! My balance was at under that level so that was the reason I couldn't even withdraw $5 although I should have been able to withdraw $170+). The bonus was supposed to be $300. They didn't tell me what they did but some months later played it up to the original $600 (so should have then been able to withdraw $300). I then found out I could only withdraw $100 and so it became obvious that $500 was non cashable.

The remaining $500 completely disappeared although the terms of the offer at the time I deposited for it was that the bonus was supposed to stay in the casino account until it was lost (the rules changed and were retroactively applied to my account). I should have been able to play with the bonus. Not to mention the bonus should have been $300 and the other $200 I should have been able to withdraw!

The only explanation they gave for the original problem of not being able to withdraw anything was that it was the "decision of the finance department". I was right when I assumed that they made it all non-cashable. As I already said, I played it up again to $600 (an extra $130 win) and could only withdraw $100 (instead of $300) and the remaining $500 disappeared instead of staying in the account (my complaint was well before this but just adds to it further).

There was no real help from advertisers such as Wizard of Odds and he then readvertised them soon afterwards. The group was the first Playtech licensee so doesn't really reflect well on the software group.

They also have the habit of sending regular promotions (even all through my complaints) as long as you are down overall on their casinos. I can't remember them but they are like 500% bonuses with hundreds of dollars free every week it seems. I later played monaco gold casino when I didn't realise they were related and even then had to frantically email them as I noticed they changed the terms while I was playing to exclude BJ but had no problems with the withdrawel in the end! The profit from that offer from one of their casinos meant they stopped sending me those riduculous promotional offers all the time.
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