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Oct 20, 2006
Hello, I am new to this site but, I would like to complain about carnaval poker. I made a cashout there on october 3rd and I still have not receieved my money from them. I have called and called and emailed support about it and the only answer they will give me is that the will contact me when it is proccessed. Thats it!! No explanations no nothing! I am very concerned about this and i have a bad feeling in my gut that I am never going to see my money. I would appreciate any feedback and any other kind of help from casinomeister and members concerning this matter. Thank-you

Thanks waylander, I had left about 125.00 bucks in there when I made that last cashout.When I received this cashout money,finally,I went back to carnaval and cashed out the remainder.Lets just see how long this withdrawal takes now. :rolleyes:

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