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Banned - violation of 1.10 (player fraud) and 2.3
Mar 26, 2004

After happily playing at other casinos that use Oddson software for months I decided to give Caribbean Gold a try. So I downloaded and deposited and received a signup bonus and started playing jacks or better.

However at this point I noticed something strange. Upon wagering I noticed that the funds were coming from my real money rather than my bonus money - unlike any of the others I ever played at. So I contacted live help to find out why this was, to be told that was correct and that Caribbean Gold worked differently and you wagered with real money first.

They said that once I had met the terms and conditions I could withdraw and the bonus would be left in my account - which I could then play with and also withdraw any winnings.

This basically means that this is a 'sticky' bonus, that works in pretty much the same way as Phoenician does.

However, they do not state this anywhere in the terms and conditions - live help admited that.

This just seems wrong to me, surely they should state this in the terms and conditions - else this is false advertising?
Interesting - the T&Cs read the same as other Odds On casinos (eg Superslots, Silver Dollar) and there is certainly no mention of it being sticky.

Are you sure that the bonus itself doesn't become withdrawable once you have met the WR? Either way the T&Cs could be clearer.
Definitely, I've more than met the wagering requirement, the bonus balance is still showing as $150 and the most I can withdraw is my real balance.

This is also what support told me.
Is it worth clarifying whether if you withdraw your current balance and start playing with the bonus, it behaves like the "normal" Odds On bonus? That is, if you wager $5 and win, that $5 is added to your normal balance, whereas if you lose, your bonus balance is reduced. The alternative is that it turns out to be just like the Nostalgia bonus, in which case a different approach may be suitable.
Thats how they explained it worked to me, however once you have any real money in your account the stake comes from that, not the bonus money.

My problem isn't with how it works, its that they don't tell you the bonus isn't withdrawable in the terms.
Did they say that the T&Cs have just recently been altered. About 3 months ago,I was still playing at English Harbor and the bonus was played first not the real money.

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