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Anybody played here. They have Roulette without zero!. Distribution of hit numbers is very like
in land based casinos.

There was info, that they had financial problems.

Anybody knows something? Is it possible to play here now?

Hi Yura,

I've never really checked out their site before. They have java games which can be problematic (if you lose your connection during a bet, you may lose your wager).

Let us know if you decide to open an account there.

on their site in FAQ section there is answer about it:
Q: What are the consequences if the connection breaks down while I am in the middle of a progression? Top

A: The programming of our software is such that these breaks do not affect your game. On the one hand, no data will be lost since they are stored on our server. If you want to check on a certain game, you will always be able to do so. Please send us an email telling us the game you played, when you played (please also add if your local time or ours), then we will be able to give you the required information. On the other hand, and for you this might be the more important factor, you are practically able to reenter the game wherever you left it, afterwards. In our online casino, each gambler has his own table to which he comes back after a connection break-down, i.e. the random generator will basically continue from where it was forced to stop by the connection break-down. The only exception to the rule: You chose to continue playing at another table after you restarted the game. As soon as you continue playing, the random generator will be running.

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