Careful - that NETeller issue is re-occurring


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May 29, 2004
Hi all

Careful when you use NETeller today. They had system maintenance and as we're getting used to, after it came back up there seems to be transfer issues. I depsoited $100 at 32REd and received the message "A problem occurred contacting NETeller". When i checked NETeller, the $100 had been deducted but an hour later and its still not in 32Red.

I tried it with casino Kingdom 30 mins later on 20 euros and that went through fine so went back to 32REd and it took $20 fine also. But an hour later, the same thing happened.

I know this happened once before after a planned NETeller system outage recently. I've emailed NETeller support but I'd check your NETeller acount statement very carefully if you are using it today.


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Odd. I had the same error message this morning at Maple, but nothing went through - so it's cool.
This happened 3 more time to me today at 2 casinos aswell.

Whats a bit annoying here is that there is nothing to warn you. You have to check your NETeller account after every deposit you make at a casino, then you have to contact NETeller support, get the NT code, and email the casino in question with the NT code so they can check and credit your account.

I've had this a few times in the past and never thought to check to see if it got paid by NETeller so now i have to trawl back through 6 months of data to try and work out where this may have happened before. They really need to address this issue IMHO fast.

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