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anyone want to check out a good casino try capt.cook casino.i'm just a small player ,but this place has treated me responses to every email,and excellent promotions,combined with good paying games make this casino a must play.enjoy!!
Warning : Captain Cook's Casino charges 50$ for sending your extra winnings by check.

Yes, that's right : 50$. They are the most expensive in the business, as far as I know.

3 months ago I complained to them about this and they replied that it was their bank's fault and that they were about to change.

Obviously, they just wanted to get rid of me.
Oh, sorry. It was still 50$ not long ago.

But 25$ is still way too expensive.

If they cut by half three more times they'll reach 3.13$ which is almost decent.
Okay guys let's straighten this out. We at Captain Cooks Casino have NEVER charged $50 for a check. Remember the check fee was a bank fee and never a Captain Cooks Casino fee.
Furthermore once per month we offer our players our WIREEXPRESSSERVICE which is FREE to the player.
The bank charged $50.00 per check? Which one of you yahoos picked that bank?

If the customer had to pay $50.00 for a check then it was a Captain cooks problem and charge.
I agree with Steve. Call it bank charge or casino charge, the fact is that you pay it when you withdraw from the casino. From the customer's point of view, it all comes to the same : absurdly expensive.

How much does that incredible bank charge it's customers for an ATM withdrawal? 75 bucks?

And for a house mortgage? 42% interest rate?

Try 7 Sultons, they are great as far as i'm concerned.They gave me 10.00$ free to start with, and I won 80.00$.I left 10.00$ in my account, then played that.They didn't gharge anything for sending a check to me, which only took about 2 weeks.I think they are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On the other hand riverboat has a buy in and a key code.I have emailed them several times telling them the key code they sent me does not work, they sent me an email back telling me to type it in capital letters.I did ,that didn't work either.So I sent them another email asking them to send me another key code number or help me figure out what I was doing wrong.So far nothing.That was 3 days ago.I don't think they want my money to bad.
Hi all.. i have just played @ captain cooks and by far it is the best casino i have played!! 7 sultans took over a week and a half to credit me with the free $10, english harbour well thats another story but Captain Cook's, they have great customer service, cheap fees, great games.. what more could a player want!!! as for the $50 check fee.... its now only $20 but hey why use that when I can use the FREE Wirexpress service!!! then i get all my winnings,not just part of it.. definately worthwhile and i know i will b making them my first choice in Casinos
Just got an email from Arthur the parrot at Captain Cooks about this new promo.It's a beauty!!
You just have to purchase $500 in total between midnight tonight and midnight on the 11th Feb and wager 4 times that amount and you automatically go in the draw to win 10 000 BUCKS. And if you purchase $950 in total then you get 2 chances to win the ten grand.If you purchase $1400 then you get 3 chances.
Sounds like my kind of place to be!
I don't understand why it is the best....
Microgaming software is far from real casino
(I mean spins in roulette) Roulette here can
show you very often 11-15 Red or Black in a row

Hi Yura,

Microgaming software is good software, not the best, but good. One thing to keep in mind is when you are opening an account with a casino, you are establishing a business relationship with them, something that should be taken seriously. There are many, many casinos out there that take their customers for granted, and provide minimal service. Just scour these pages and you'll see a history of this. Captain Cooks has always stood above most of their competitors with not only excellent customer service but with a variety of activities that have built a loyal following. When I say that they are one of the best casinos out there, I'm not just talking about providing fair games and auditing their accounts. There is much more to it than that.

I think, but first of all casino software must be like in real casino and than casino must pay winnings to all customers. If those two are OK,
I don't care bonuses, time for answering questions and so on.... Fairness is moro more important for players!!!
Who ever is reading this Captaincooks casino should be captain crooks casino, I got de fraud by them for over 1000.00 and I have never played any games on there site, I know there other people that are complaining too and the captain who ever he or she is doesn't return e-mails. They have now phone or address showing where there at or to even contact them except by e-mail I am warning you to becarefull about captain crook.
Dear Michelle,

This is exactly why you need to visit forums such as this. I am in contact with this casino almost on a daily basis. If you have or are having problems with this casino, please clearly state what the problem is/was and I'll be glad to have someone look into it for you.

Bryan ,

I have always had good treatment from Captiancooks so I am wandering if some of these problems occur at "duplicate" sites.

There is a common named site captiancooks casino similar to vegas which have nothing to do with the sites run by microgaming or the eworld vegas stripgroup.

I have stumbled on these when I have entered a URL from memory with perhaps a minor error.

Dear All,

I have been in contact with Captain Cooks concering these posts:

Michelle Destafano complains that they defrauded her of over $1000. The casino could not locate her account and she did not return here to supply me with any details. Neither the surname Destafano or her email address are listed in their systems. So as far as I am concerned, this is a moot issue...but if she would please return and give some specific details, I and the casino will be glad to help.

The casino also contacted me about Joe's account and he was paid promptly.

Audit firms care only taxes. they don't care fairness. And log files other firms control don't reflect what happened in the game. In any time during game bag can be on and when it is not necessary - off. Unfortunatelly, This can't be checked. I don't know, possible it or no.
I belive that there is fair software and casino, but there are rumors too about it....

Am I right? I just think so, maybe I'm wrong
Anyone know how long these guys take to make a payout? I requested a payout almost 3 weeks ago and I've got no communication from them at all!

I emailed them at least 20 times about it but thay haven't replied to any of the mails. I tried all their addesses:
pitboss, TheCaptain, cashin and support.

They don't seem to have any other contact method, Can anyone give me any help on this?


Please either post your user name or email it to me and I'll find out what is happening. The lack of response that you're reporting is very surprising since CCC has been known for excellent customer support.

Hi Fintan,

This is the response I received from CCC

Hi Bryan,

I've had a look through our email support program and it appears Fintan has not been receiving any of our responses. This could be because he has a SPAM filter (which could be possibly filtering anything with the word Casino out) active on his account.

Our call centre should have realised he wasn't receiving our emails by the increasing agitation of the player. Unfortunately, they just kept responding saying the same thing each time - no-one took the issue the 'extra mile' as we have taught them to do. I'm actually really dissappointed about this and I've tried to contact Fintan asking him to reply if he does indeed receive the message. The reason his payment has been delayed is because the credit card purchases he made are not refundable (due to the processor) and we would like to arrange alternate means of the payment but prior to this we require Fintan to send through some documentation for our fraud department to clear him (as the cashin is quite large and obviously we cannot cover our exposure by refunding the credit card purchases).

Well, I've given Fintan a bonus into his playing account of $200 - As (again unfortunately) he has been missing out on our VIP promotions because our mail is not getting through to his account.

I'll try to give him a call later today (at a more convenient time for him) and I'll update you on the progress.

Best Regards,

And this in from Fintan...

Hi Bryan,

I did check my email filters and found that CCC were indeed being filtered out, I have emailed them since and recieved a reply(very prompt about 5 mins later), so all should be OK now!

Thanks very much for your help!


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