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Oct 24, 2005
I think they are reputable, but it doesnt look like they are on CM accredited list.

I took advantage of their free play for one hour and qualified for the £200.00 sign up as long as I make a deposit. I cant find the T&C either and am not sure of the wagering requirements.

Can anybody shed some light please?

Thank you!

EDIT - I just found the T&C's.
Captain Cooks locked my account one day and never gave me any explanation as to why ... I asked them on numerous occasions to please let me know why they did this and they would not tell me. I finally gave up.

Then one day I had mentioned it to a A friend of mine who loved them, she had a good working relationship with them so she even inquired about it for me and they told her exactly what they had told me "We apologize for any incovenience caused, but the account has been locked permanently. We are not obligated to explain the details to the player "

WHATEVER :rolleyes:
I've had some success with this group, but getting them to pay is a major pain in the a$$. I did the free hour finishing up $200, deposited my $20 and ran the total up to $600 by the time I finished the WR.

CS comfirmed that the WR was met, but my account still showed $400 as withdrawable and $200 as bonus. After two weeks of daily emails to about 3 different people I just withdrew the $400 and said f'em. It still took another week and a couple of emails to get the $400.

Even though it was free money I still feel like they screwed me.

Hell, if your up $200, you only have to deposit $20. Who knows, you might win and actually get some money out of them. If not, you only lost $20. Seems like a good gamble.

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