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Feb 25, 2004
East Coast, USA
I recently started playing at Captain Cooks based on everyone's nice comments here in this forum and Bryan's listing them on the reputable list.
I had some good sessions and requested cash-ins of $150 and $600. I send the required documentation and got a note saying it would be processed. I called today when it had not hit my Firepay account some six days later. A rep said it was still showing as processing. So later today I get this email:

Hello Laurie

Firstly I'd like to thank you for your patience with regard to your withdrawal status - it's very much appreciated.

Recently we were forced to take further action as we endeavor to reduce the risk of fraud at our sites. One of the measures that was imposed on us by our Security Department is that winnings may be held by our Security Department for as long as 14 days if the player has made deposits with Firepay .

Please note, this does not mean that the winnings will not be processed - what this means is that the winnings are held for a maximum of 14 days, and then providing everything in is order the winnings are released for payment.

This is what has happened in your case. Your withdrawal of $600 & $150 is in our system and will be paid to you soon via your preferred method of payment - just as soon as the Security Department has released the withdrawal. Please also note that we are in no way accusing you of fraudulent action, this is now standard procedure for our Security Department.

This is one of the reasons I have stopped playing at 7 Sultans. This is rediculous. Belle Rock has these withdrawals back in my account the next day, Spin Palace and Sun Vegas in a day or two. Even Golden Riviera only takes about 5 days!

As most of you have seen me post, I cannot use Netteller in my state. So I guess I just cross Captain Cooks off my list as well. It is very frustrating. Is anyone else having these kinds of problems - do any of you use Firepay?
This is such b.s. I remember hearing this same line of crap over a year ago regarding firepay. Its one of the reasons I closed my firepay account and switched to neteller. I understand you can't do that there, have you looked into click2pay?
Yes - have a Click2Pay account

You are so right JPM - but I haven't been able to get a straight answer out of anyone except the usual blah, blah, blah about how because fund into Firepay usually come from a checking account, and there is a period of recision if you tell the bank to stop the check . . . . . .. But you would think that the casinos could give an individual player who has run many thousands in deposits/withdrawals and hundreds of thousands in wagering through their casinos could adjust this time period. It's not like I'm going to stop a check and screw up my account anywhere after all this time.

As to Click2Pay, I use them as a deposit method, and have had some problems with some casinos upping the limit above $1000 (total outstanding at Click2Pay, not with individual casino). But the biggest problem is that withdrawals are held up until all outstanding deposits have cleared over the last six days - so if I keep using it to deposit I can almost never make a withdrawal because I have pending deposits.

So I have developed a system where I use Click2Pay to deposit and Firepay to withdrawal (withdrawals from Firepay to my bank account are free and quick). But what I don't understand is why some casinos can get it out to Firepay the next day and some have instituted this stupid holding period. To me that is just bad customer service, and I will choose not to play there until they change it.
You SHOULD get paid. I have the same thing happen with
InterCasino because of the possibility of making a
insta-cash deposit and not having the cash to back
it up. So, they wait for the money to clear and then
pay out.
Still waiting 18 days later

Well, it has now been 18 days since I requested the $600 withdrawal. No emails, no contact, no payment.

But hey, great news - they have made me a VIP player. You can bet I'll run right over there and deposit some money. Not likely.
I just had a similar-ish experience at Casino Kingdom where it took 11 days for my cashout to hit my NETeller account despite several emails. CK and Cooks are part of the same group I believe. Must say that their support is very quick and responsive but (and yes I'm a VIP also) this isn't good enough.

I was kinda in two minds whether to give them the benefit of the doubt and hope it was a one-off, as they've been very good until then, but for now I've switched casino. I can't wait that long to get paid....I was a bit gutted actually cos the casino has everything else i require and i thought i'd finally found a good one. Ah well... :cool:
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Casino Kingdom/Captain Cooks casinos are right there with Be the Dealer and Casino On Net for 5-7 days every single time. I don't understand why it takes them that long, but it does over and over. Oddly enough, I received my cashout from CC's poker room much faster.

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