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Apr 17, 2008
fort mcmurray
hi im new to this forum but been reading for a while. About a year ago i opened a captain cooks account and been playing a lot. I consider myself i high roller spending low 6 figures in the last 14 months. Ive had one decent cash out of 30k and should of cashed many other times (the gambler in me lol) I have had an awsome casino host from casino rewards who helped me with my cash and many comps. (btw my cash out including paperwork verification took less than 72 hours) My question to u guys is how much comp should a high roller get??? 10% - 20% more???? I have never shopped arround for other casinos as i like microgamming and the relationship i have built with my rep but i sometimes feel like i should be better comped for some of my deposits. Or am i being greedy?

thanks in advance for your response


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Mar 17, 2003
This is what I would advice but then again there might be contradicting thoughts on this as well. Anyways, I would not only stick with a single casino but rather go shopping around for others as well. If you feel that you're not being comped enough, then perhaps you should either talk to your host about it or you could just move to another casino all together.

A casino in particular that I would recommend if you like MG is 32Red. I'm sure you can't go wrong there. Do bare in mind that if you're gonna be moving then you will most probably be starting afresh on everything and that basically means lower comps in the beginning and then making your way up.

Casino Rewards is good at times but at other times, they kinda suck. They have quite a reputation here for being dumb at times and being good at other times. I guess it's called PMS? Mood swings!

Anyways, that is 1 of the best casino groups that you would find out there and if you don't want that, then perhaps you could try out Fortune Lounge group or the VPL group. They are not bad too. Fortune Lounge kinda has most of their stuff linked and should be good enough for you too.

But if you prefer something else for a change, then InterCasino is a good place to be too. They have a WONDERFUL casino and their payout and etc are just absolutely good. I've not really heard anything bad about InterCasino yet apart from their SLOW Customer Service (previously) but now-a-days, seems that there's nothing coming from them anymore, no complain or anything which is a very good sign for a good casino.

All in all, I do wish you all the best and hope that you will WIN WIN and WIN more the next time. Good Luck!!!

Ps. Please DO NOT ever use the "reverse withdrawal" button. Or whenever you make a withdrawal, just get on their Live Chat and tell them to Flush it for you so that you don't get a chance to Reverse it.


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May 13, 2007
I highly recommend Betfair casino to high rollers. They have no house edge, only 5% commissions.

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