Captain Cook's and Casino Kingdom changing terms retroactively?


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Jun 3, 2004
I have a friend that played at Captain Cook this week. But Captain Cook refused his withdrawal with the following motivation.

"I am writing with regards to your most recent withdrawal. Please be aware that this amount has been returned to your playing account. Please note that as stated in our terms and conditions you have to wager your qualifying deposit and the bonus ten times in order to make a withdrawal.

Wagers on the following games do not contribute to meeting wagering requirements: Baccarat, Craps, Roulette and Sic-Bo. 50% of wagering on Blackjack, Multi-Hand Blackjack and Video Poker will count towards meeting the wagering requirements for the purposes of determining a valid withdrawal"

I thought this casino was a legit company, but imposing new terms retroactively sounds like something Grand Banks would do.
All it states here is that he needs to meet the stated terms. I know that they are pulling one promotion - (deposit 20 get 60) due to getting nailed by some abusers, but as far as I can tell this is not indicated here.
These conditions were not in place when he signed up. The way Captain Cooks work you get the bonus in a special bonus account and you are not allowed to move it to your real account until you clear the conditions. He did all that.

Changing the conditions is fine and it is their full right to do so. But applying new conditions to customers who already cleared the bonus using the conditions they signed up for is not. If the customers can't trust what the casino tells them when they sign up, is it a reputable casino?

I feel bad because I was the one recommending this casino to him. I have been a customer there for a while and have always been impressed with their fairness and service and their bonuses have been fantastic for new gamblers wanting to test online casinos.

So to clarify. My friend put in his withdrawal request tuesday after doing what he was supposed to do to be able to withdraw. Cook's changed the terms today or yesterday. Now they insist he should follow terms that didn't exist when he signed up. And of course as a result he is convinced all online casinos are crooks.
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Those conditions are in place for at least a couple of months! They did not just put them there yesterday. Did you actually read them when he made the deposit? And exactly when (day/month/year) did he make the deposit?

If you go to their website, the new conditions are 15x (deposit+bonus)
for normal games and 55x(deposit+bonus) for blackjack and video poker
but those are the new conditions that come up only during the last couple
of days. At least they did not hold him to the new terms which would be really bad.
It was he who screwed up. He didn't play through his deposit. So it was his own fault.

But there are not month old conditions. You always was allowed to use BJ to clear bonuses at Cooks (don't know where they got the 50% from, their site has nothing on it indicating you can't use BJ to clear the whole bonus even now). So they did make a mistake by quoting him these conditions, which led him to believe the new terms was the reason he was rejected. Guess he learned to always read Terms & Conditions carefully.:)

Anyway, I can continue recommending Cook's in good concience. So all's well that ends well.
What are you talking about? I started playing there a couple of months ago, it has always been that if you play blackjack or video poker, you have to play twice as many wager requirement as the other games. For example if they require you to play 10 times (deposit+bonus) for slots, you have to play 20x(deposit+bonus) for blackjack or video poker. It was like that even back then so the 50% count is correct.

Your friend majorly screwed up! Please check very carefully first before you start blaming the casino. Such accusations should be reserved to casinos that did actually do wrong. I am afraid, your accusation has proven to be rather shaky and unfounded here.

Oh well at least you realize that! :)
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sw2003 said:
What are you talking about? I started playing there a couple of months ago, it has always been that if you play blackjack or video poker, you have to play twice as many wager requirement as the other games. For example if they require you to play 10 times (deposit+bonus) for slots, you have to play 20x(deposit+bonus) for blackjack or video poker. It was like that even back then so the 50% count is correct.

Feel free to search their site. I challenge you to find even today a signup bonus where you can only use blackjack for 50% of the wagering requirements. It wasn't there last month, it wasn't there last week, it isn't there now. They sent out faulty information here which led him to think it was because of that he didn't clear the bonus.

No doubt he made a mistake not realizing he had to play through his deposit, but it isn't made easier getting faulty information from the casino. I know if I get a mail claiming I didn't meet wagering requirement and listing some completely new requirements in the mail, I would assume they have changed them retroactively.
Freudian, SW's right - that term was there for months until today & the new 55x wr. It was bad wording on their part as all they meant was that you could do all the wagering playing BJ but had to do twice as much. It didn't mean 50% in the sense that Fortune Lounge say you can only play 20% on BJ.

RIP the old Captain Cook bonus offer - it'll be sadly missed ;)

I get the same mail from Captain Cooks. I played there 2 days ago.

1. The 55x playthrough is new. It wasn`t there yesterday. Go here and you will find players who cash out with 20xbonus 20xdeposit just 3days ago.

You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.

heres the link to their T&C in the banking section:
(I think you have to login before)
Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)

Blackjack and Video Poker: Unless otherwise stated in the terms of a bonus or promotion you must wager your bonus a minimum of 20 times on any form of Video Poker or Blackjack before transferring Bonus Account credits to your Real Account

2. The Software gives the bonus account free for transfer, if you meet the 20x wr not 55x. Which indicates that the software didnt now anything about 55x wr yet.

3. As Freudian pointed out before: The term that only 50% of wagers on BJ count towards to fulfill the wr is so new, that you will not find it on their webside NOW !

4. Its pretty clear for me, that the terms Ive signed and the terms today are different.

Are there any differnce ?

The mail I get 2 days ago:
Therefore, before a bonus can be transferred to
your real account the below wagering requirements must be met:

10 x bonus amount on all games excepting the games below;
20 x bonus amount on all forms of Video Poker (excludes Poker Pursuit and
Cyberstud Poker) and Blackjack;

The webside today:
Blackjack and Video Poker: You must wager your bonus a minimum of 55 times on any form of Video Poker or Blackjack before a transfer from your Bonus Account to your Real Account will be allowed.

Decide for yourself.
Just got a mail from Captain Cooks:

I apologize, you are correct, I never even glanced at your registration date. Looks like you've just made the cut off.

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I think its pretty difficult maybe impossible if a casino want to change the terms, to track who signed for the old and who signed for the new.

Captain Cook you are still my captain :notworthy

Don't trust anything Integrity casinos (Captain Cook's and Casino Kingdom) send you in an e-mail. They will insist that the T&C published on the website prevail even if e-mail contained more generous conditions. Presumably, if the conditions in the e-mail are stricter, you will be held to those. Casino Kingdom got me this way once, it is the only casino that has ever stiffed me.
Politics of Captain Cook and CasinoKingdom seems to be different then. Just the fact that they give you the T&C in the welcome mail for your records, gives you a much better position. Just a few casinos do this.

It would be a really big surprise for me, if the Captain would destroy the reputation and the professional touch and feel of their webside, support and software with a behavior like you describe here for Casino Kingdom. Its pretty clear that a 55x wr for the bonus is a kind of an emergency-break. Nevertheless they are professional enough, to solve this problem in not more then 2 hours :eek: and 1 mail.

Respect !

that's too much...

In any case 55 times is a little bit too much. under these terms it is worthless just trying...They say they did it in order to avoid any abuse of the 200% bonus. So players that were able to cash out under the old conditions were abusing the casino? Is any winner abusing the casino:D ?!?

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