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Casino Meister says Capt. Cook is known for "outstanding customer service." I wish they'd send some my way.

Two weeks ago they said they were posting $301 to my Infinity account -- something that takes a day or so.

They not only have not done so, they do not respond to repeated emails, despite the claim to answer within 10 minutes. Closer to ten days.

I don't know what's with them.
Hi Chipster,

This just in:

Dear Chipster,

Thank you for your email and I am sorry for the delay in responding to you.

We are currently processing Infinia card payments a few times per week and it appears your account has slipped through our net on a number of occasions. I have remedied this situation and updated your account within our system to ensure your payment will go out in our next batch.

We will be processing your Infinia card payment on Monday. Please be assured this is not a regular occurrence but sometimes these things do happen. I have also credited your playing account with a $25 special bonus for the trouble...enjoy it!!

Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with and I hope to see you on the boat again soon.
Best regards,

The Bean Counter
"Ahoy, Come'n have another sail!!!"

Well here it is Thursday and the Monday Infinia payment has not shown up, despite the firm commitment made above.

Due to the fact that Casino Meister speaks so highly of this place, I'll give one more chance to fix an honest mistake, before I conclude it was a dishonest mistake.

The $25 for my trouble did in fact appear in the account, so it dosen't seem like an intentional slow-pay, except for the fact that it's slow. Sending a copy of this note will make the fourth time in 10 days I've asked for an Infinia withdrawal.
Hi Bryan,

We have immeditately checked with Infinia after received your email. Infinia confirmed the money ($880.19) was deposited into his account on
2/8/2001 11:41:08 AM

Please let us know if he have any trouble to withdraw the funds.



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Turns out the second half of the delay was Infinia, not Capt. Cook. I called Infinia today, said hey, these folks say they've paid but my balance is still zero. They said "oh, the balance feature on the website isn't working yet. We received the deposit and you can withdraw from any ATM." So I'm off to withdraw $301 from my zero balance Infinia account.

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