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Hi folks,
I have been a member for some time but just haven't been able to get involved too much. So I just wanted to say hi but I also have a question or concern. The Casino "Red Flush" (which I was led to believe was part of the 32 Red group) does not seem to be meeting the "accredited Casino" standards. I have played a few times on Red Flush and things seem to go on pretty normal (European or French Roulette) and all of a sudden thigs start to go awry. For example "27" red numbers in a row. 16 numbers of a specific "row" or group again in a row, system crashing in the middle of a sequence etc etc etc.

Furthermore when I attempted to make a withdrawal I was told "for security purposes" they required my account number, my passport, a credit card imprint, a copy of an electricity or phone bill and a couple more....When I told them they already had that information and I simply wanted the withdrawal to go back into the account which I made the deposit with!!!!

No good. Now I suspect even if I did provide all of that very sensitive information I have doubts they would even then honour a withdrawal.

So I am at a loss and hoping perhaps someone out there can offer any suggestions???? Please????

I have played at quite a few casinos and have only been required to provide this by one other casino "Prestige Casino I believe".

With the number of hackers, frauds, dentity thieves etc out there I can understand the need for security but this appears to be extreme and if that information were to fall into the wrong hands there could be a serious identity issue.

Please help.

Thank you
John Bouffioux


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sorry, which part doesnt meet accreditation standards?
Also the run of red numbers? So what? Would it be any less or more random if it was red, black, red, black, red, black?


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Hi John

Welcome to CM :thumbsup:

Red Flush is a different group to 32Red but uses the same software (Microgaming). Totally separate though so they would require ID and auth docs. Typically photo ID, proof of address and front/back card imprints (block the middle 8 numbers on the front and the 3 digit security code on the back) are what KYC ("know your customer") requirements state - getting these is also required by the licensing authority. This is standard practice and only a few of the UK Brands tend to hold back on that for a while but even they will ask as you approach 2k->3k of withdrawals.

For what its worth though, Red Flush are good - I've played there extensively down the years, done some big cashouts, been ID'ed and I trust them. You should be just fine.

Hope that puts your mind at ease.




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Hi John,

If you are having any further difficulties, please let me know.