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Jun 1, 2004
I have waited 2 weeks for my withdrawl to be processed. I contacted the casino via email first. Only received a promise of a response. Contacted customer service 1-800 # 4/12/05. I was told ther was NO REASON for the delay, no problems with my account/personal information. My withdrawl request is forwarded to finance dept. as urgent, or so I am told. I received 2 emails 4/12/05 requesting personal info which I sent immediately. I had already given this information on the phone. Seems like I am getting the run around. I have not received any further email/response. I just filed a complaint with IGC and plan chargebacks if I am not paid soon. :(
Surprised to hear this. I have been very satisfied with this group in the past and gave them lots of play without the slightest problem. In my opinion they are among the few best MG-Casinos out there.
Let us know what their "reason" for the delay was, I am thrilled to hear...!
Thanks Casinomeister!

I still have not received any information about the withdrawl. I don't understand why Capital Casino is refusing to pay. We're talking about $130, not thousands of dollars. I filled out the form.Thanks for your help.
Just received reply from Capital casino

I just received the following, minutes after previous post:

Dear Charlena,

Thank you for contacting Capital Casino Customer Service.

Please note that we just received an update that our financial processor had made a succesful ACH verification today, and have confirmed that your withdrawal payment will be processed. You should receive an email about this from them within the next 48 hours.

We are sorry for the delay, and should you have any additional questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Service Desk on the toll-free numbers listed below. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience.

Best Regards,
Capital Casino - Where Fortunes Are Made
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I will post again soon, hopefully with good news. I enjoyed playing at Capital , but I haven't enjoyed withdrawing. Isn't that ironic?
Withdrawl processed

Just received notification the withdrawl has been processed. : ) Still have a 3-5 day wait for funds transfer.
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