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Jan 21, 2004
Capital Casino now offers withdrawals by direct transfer to UK bank accounts I decided to try it, since it is more convenient than getting cheques. I was surprised to see that 20 was deducted from my withdrawal as wire transfer fee, whereas the Palace Group casinos do not charge for these withdrawals, and there was no mention of the charge anywhere on the website or on the banking screen in the casino, in fact, the banking screen (copied below) explicitly says that there is no charge.

When I first queried it, CS said that this is ACH for which there is a charge (the banking screen explicitly says that this is not an ACH and that there is no charge). It is not an instantaneous or same day transfer for which such a charge would be reasonable, it is something called BACS which takes 3 working days and the bank charge to the transferor would only be a few pennies. In the end I got the 20 refunded to my casino account, but until Capital Casino sorts this out, I recommend you use another method of withdrawal.
Now I will admit to being a bit hazy on this GM but I think that members of this transfer system, and some others, are actually not allowed to charge UK customers (personal accounts), kinda thing.

Are there any bank charges payable?
If you are an overseas issuer making a BACS or CHAPS payment, your bank may take commission charges on payments you make to us. Also, our receiving bank may levy bank charges payable by your firm. This means that you must ensure the amount that reaches our bank account is correct, after any charges have been made.

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