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Nov 25, 2007
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Sorry guys. Here we are again. We, the people, object. Affiliates spent thousands going. Here is 911:

No Warren Jolly, no Michael Casselli, no Alex Pratt ... and certainly no Lou Fabiano. Oh but there was one poor chap who showed up for CAP Cancun Spring Break it appears. None of the organizers made an appearance, however.

"Okay so granted I went to bed after the 20 hrs. it took to get here, but I've only met up with one person so far and he said he couldn't find anyone, even at the party last night????" asks one affiliate "in attendance".

Thinking he may have missed one of the events, this gentleman showed up at a scheduled volleyball game that never transpired.

"Well the volleyball thing didn't happen either so apparently I'm either at the wrong hotel or no one bothered to say anything. Neither Alex or Michael are checked in according to the front desk."

Nor were they going to check in.

"Michael and I aren't out there," said Pratt. "Sam and Yvette from CAP should be there or arriving today and will know more plus have the wrist bands and everyone's contact details that are there so should be able to get this all back on track. If you haven't heard anything let me know and I will get it all sorted."

The affiliate member of CAP had this to say: "It's pretty saddening considering it was the first thing this VERY expensive hotel had to offer was a pressurized sales pitch."

Either CAP members heeded's advise that Cancun might be a little dangerous these days (many colleges warned their student bodies not to travel there for Spring Break) or the organization itself may be in complete disarray following the split up of partners Jolly and Fabiano. Both men have accused the other of improprieties.

It was unclear if anyone else showed up.

The economy could also be playing a part. Marc Lesnick, organizer for Casino Affiliate Convention Amsterdam, told that many of those attending decided to wait and book at the last minute to take advantage of cheap air fares.

"We just got a flood of people signing up over the last few weeks," said Lesnick.

The crew will be on hand at CAC Amsterdam next week.

Christopher Costigan, Publisher

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Here is Warren. Who is 'London'?

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Hi Everyone,

As I said in my other post, we did intend on having several fun activities and small gatherings sponsored at CAP Spring Break. Due to the recent challenges we've faced as well as the change in management, these events could not be organized. We intentionally didn't cancel CAP Spring Break at the request of several people that were already attending and figured it would be a good thing to go back to the old format where it was more of an informal meetup.

There was a miscommunication between our team and London on who would deliver this message and I do apologize if it was never sent out to the registered attendees.

Sam from CAP arrived yesterday and Yvette will arrive tomorrow. They will try to send an e-mail out to everyone and ensure people can make the best of it.

Please contact me with any questions.
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Apr 25, 2006
an Cap has Died
may they have many many nightmares to come
oh an the people that showed should be reimbursed by Warren
as he was way to busy counting that 2 or 3 Million to show up:mad:
or even send out a email stating we wont be there
sad pitiful site they are


as for those peeps saying this is how Cap Springbreaks used to be poppycock they thought it was gonna be a Grand event an they got was a empty wallet


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Nov 25, 2007
East Coast
oh an the people that showed should be reimbursed by Warren


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Forgot to send email notifing people that it was cancelled, just like they FORGOT to notify people that they owned cardspike, and they FORGOT to pay affiliates. Bunch of scumbags , it would be better if everyone FORGOT about them
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Oct 15, 2004
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Well, IMO anyone stupid enought to still associate with CAP deserves whatever they get. I realize there are probably some who had already paid fo their trip months ago, and either had to go or forfeif their money. So why don't they just enjoy their vacation, and forget about CAP? I sure wouldn't cry cause no one showed up. I'd be sitting by the pool, and have a hot young cabana boy bring me Strawberry Daiquiris by the tray full. :D

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