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Hello everyone, I am new to your site and have learned much in a short period of time. I uninstalled several casinos that I found on the Rogue list, but I cannot seem to get GoldStream off my computer. It is not listed in my uninstall program list (and I also use CCleaner too). It is just not listed there. I searched under the start menu and all it shows me is the icon to start the casino. I want it off my computer...can anyone help? Thank you FrankiJohni


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I had that problem with an RTG casino that just would not die.

I finally did a registry edit (be really careful doing this). Look under RealTimeGaming in the registry and you will find it if it is RTG software. If it's not RTG, then put the casino name in the search field. When the computer finds it, delete.

This is kinda the simplified version. I am sure someone will come along with more detailed help. I know how to do it but my explanation lacks a little. :D


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i would apply the method that anniemac said above. i recently uninstalled palace of chance that way because it refused to go. my operating system was win xp sp3.

now before you mess around with registry, keep a copy of the original that you're going to modify by doing this:

click on 'start', select 'run' then type in 'regedit' in the box. then press 'ok'.
on registry editor display, click on 'file' and select 'export'. then type in a file name (remember this name). then click 'save'. remember where you save this file.

if you mess up during registry editing or change your mind after deleting a few things in the registry, you just run 'regedit' again and select 'import' option to restore the registry using the file that you saved earlier.

in registry editor menu, click 'edit', select 'find' then type in the name of the casino you want to search. i remember placing the cursor at the very fist line of the registry and started searching from that point. wherever the search is found, i just press the delete key. use f3 key (find next) to search the next entry and delete it. may need to delete short cuts and .exe file using 'start', 'search' file and/or folder and get rid of them too.


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If your OS has a System Restore feature, just create a restore point before mucking around. It's the simplest way to recover from something you didn't mean to do. On my XP 64 bit, it's found under:
Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> System Restore

I would probably just remove every casino I had, clean the registry, then re-install the casinos I want to play going forward.

You can try this application to help you:

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This is a 'portable' app, which means it doesn't need to be installed (a lot of techs use these applications from USB sticks, for example). jv16 Power Tools is one of those Swiss Army knife apps that really helps uninstalling rogue/mal software and cleaning out related registry entries. In the Registry Cleaner section, I find it helpful to UNCHECK the History/MRU section, as none of those entries should affect what you're trying to accomplish.

When installing portable apps, here's what I do. Create a new folder in your drive root (eg., C:\) called Portable Apps (C:\Portable Apps). Create a new folder under Portable Apps for any portable app you download (C:\Portable Apps\jv16 Power Tools). Download the app from the link, and unzip or unrar to new folder you created for that app. Right click the main .exe in the new folder and select Send to -> Desktop (create shortcut). Double click your new shortcut to run the app.

Hope that helps...

- Keith


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Good ideas above, but another one is just to go into windows explorer and delete the damn folder containing the casino. Then find the registry entry and delete it too.


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Thank you

Thank you all for taking time to respond. I was affraid to mess with the registry, so I found the folder and deleted it. It must have worked because when I clicked on the icon, it said it was not there. Yeaaaa! Thank you all again, FrankiJohni