Canadians and Moneybookers (CIBC)


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Mar 1, 2009
Saskatchewan, Canada
Hi, im not all that new here, i have been on this forum for 2 years or so. I just didnt know where to post this question. I have always played on 32red casino and have never had any problems with cashing out (they put it directly onto visa) but i recently played Club World for a change and had to sign up to Moneybookers in order to cash out my $500 winnings. The problem is that im trying to link my CIBC bank account to my moneybookers. Here is the problem : I enter my SWIFT code which i got from my local bank, but its the same SWIFT that "every" cibc in Canada uses, its not specific to my cities Bank. So i enter the SWIFT and hit next....The only thing it asks me now is for my account #. It does not ask for transit# or institution#. What is the format when entering bank account details for Moneybookers?

What i did was put my 5 digit institution number right before my account number. so i have a total of 12 numbers for my account # (the 1st 5 being the transit and the last 7 being my account number) is this the correct format? does anyone know?
Transit number and bank account together will work. However I prefer paper check from Moneybookers. It'll arrive at my door in 5-10 business days

Dewy333, How can you withdraw into VISA?
im not sure how it works... when i withdraw from 32red they just put it directly back onto my visa.. they tell me thats the only option for withdraw they have for canadian players
I usually withdraw to moneybookers at 32Red. Maybe you need to deposit from MB first to set it up as a withdrawal option?

Bet365 pays back to my Visa (prepaid from Moneymart) if I deposited via Visa, back to Moneybookers if I deposited that way.
dewy, i use entropay at almost every casino and have no problems with deposits and withdrawals. it is a virtual visa card that i load with my rbc visa and mastercard. check it out at :D
I use the prepaid Visa from Moneymart, and also have my withdrawals at 32Red sent to that. The best part is that they are usually ON my card within about 36 hrs tops. If I withdraw on a Sunday's on my card first thing Tuesday morning. I also use Moneybookers and withdraw to that from 32Red, 3Dice and Inetbet.

Haven't done it myself as yet...but you can withdraw back to your Visa at 3Dice as well.

The Visa is the best....under 48 hrs and you can go to the ATM and actually take your cash out. Can't beat that.
My last transfer from MB to my bank got lost - it usually hits my bank in about 3-5 days. After about 10 days I sent them a message through their site, and got a mail that they'd look into it and get back to me within 2 days. 4 days later there was nothing, so I phoned - that was a waste of time, they couldn't do or tell me anything. Then a few days after that, the money showed up in my bank. I never did hear anything back from MoneyBookers after that first mail. Pretty shoddy customer service, but at least they got my money to me. Eventually.
Moneybookers is faulty. last month i have requested for withdraw $360 to my bank account. they have killed my extra $50 for charge, which is normally $2.50,
i have claimed my money but they don't give me any solution.
try to choose another online money transaction system.

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