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Feb 19, 2012
RBC VISA does not allow transactions to any gambling websites.

They also do not allow deposit to "moneybookers" for gaming purposes.

Currently using ENTROPAY. Which has major fees.

Have read that MASTERCARD Prepaid Cards work.

It just seems silly to have to pay a fee when a VISA should work on gambling websites.

Anyone have any other suggestions:

Thank you.

Anyone familiar with ENTROPAY know how to deposit to 32red without being hit with a Foreign rate exchange. $100=102.53 charge...should be $100.
I like to use Instadebit (uses your bank, not credit cards), it used to be totally free but there are some fees now. I just had a look at their website, and it still says they don't charge any transaction fees, but I was charged $1 the last few times I deposited.

I also use Moneybookers, but I don't use a credit card to fund it.

Sorry if that doesn't help much since I don't use credit cards, but I think Instadebit is a good alternative for quick deposits. I also don't really like the idea of gambling with credit, much rather use money that I already have.
I have a BMO bank account and got their Prepaid Travel Mastercard. You fund it instantly via online transfer from your bank account, just can't have winnings transferred to it. I use moneybookers, fund it with the card and never had a problem. So I withdraw via wire transfer back to my bank or back to moneybookers. As for fees minimal...and I never minded paying a couple bucks to have my fun.
I have used Entropay in the past, its ok, fees are up there, my CIBC cards work, My Avion and Classic from RBC like yours are declined. I use a MoneyMart prepaid visa as well, USEMYFUNDS is my favorite choice for deposits, works just like debit, unfortuntely 32Red does not use and no way to w/d.
I too use a prepaid card from Moneymart. Fees are reasonable IMO, but you must go in to load, or wait a couple of days for a transfer from your bank account. You can receive funds back to your card.

32Red offers play in CAD I believe. Speak to them about changing your currency.
There's also Ecocard - they have an option to fund your account with a sort of bill payment thing from your bank - they charge a small percentage and they take another bit if you withdraw to them too.
32Red offers play in CAD I believe. Speak to them about changing your currency.

Correct! Entropay is not good for this reason. Funding Entropay from a Canadian CC converts C$ into USD$. Upon purchase at 32RED it converts back to C$. Double whammy foreign exchange.

Already emailed 32RED which stated "I am afraid once an account has been registered and the currency selected it cannot be changed, and we will be unable to accept transfers unless the transaction is in the derived currency in the respect you are referring.

So for those people find a different funding source or when setting up an account at 32RED set it to USD.

Preferably a CAD funding source. To avoid all Foreign exchange conversions.

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