Canadian poker players and clubs busted


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Feb 22, 2001

Three clubs raided and 57 players charged in Canadian poker bust

Canadian media reports this week told of three Winnipeg clubs busted for illegally profiting from Texas Hold'em poker games by taking a rake, or cut of the money.

The Barca Club, the Bari Club and Shooter's Billiards were raided by police, along with a Tuxedo suburban home belonging to one of the club's owners.

Six people were charged with keeping a common gaming house and 57 people who were in the clubs at the time were charged with being in a common gaming house. Police say the clubs were allegedly taking a "rake," meaning a portion of each cash pot went straight to the house. There are also allegations of not paying out 100 percent of tournament entry fees and charging exorbitant prices for food and drinks.

Court appearances are expected shortly.
Ahhhh my old home town (well, the closest thing that could be called a town to my actual home town... lol).. wonder if anyone I knew was in there.. haha.. oops.

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