Canadian players must suddenly recalculate their odds


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May 7, 2004
The online gaming industry had been on a very long win streak, growing from nothing to a $12-billion-a-year moneymaker in a single decade. Maybe the businesses got a little cocky, with their high margins, low overhead and the still-growing poker craze. But they forgot one rule
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I never knew that Canada bans online gambling. I've never seen Canada as one of the countries excluded by online casinos' Terms and what is going on there?
Sounds like the lotteries and horse racing people are pissed that online gambling is taking some of their "cut". Hmmm that sounds familiar.

All of this BS is about nothing but MONEY.

I call BS on all the "concern" about underage/uncontrollable/whatever gambling.

Its all about the bucks folks.

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