can you use other computers to access your account


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Mar 1, 2011
toronto ontario canada
I was just wondering if they any problems logging in to your casino account from another computer.

I some times log in while Im at work and recently been having problems with my home computer so I started to us my lap top. Never have open any new different accounts just my existing accounts.


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Jul 7, 2009
Using different computers is usually fine... it's when you log in from different IP addresses that red flags start to get raised at the casinos end. You can be pretty sure nobody else in your home has an account at a particular site... but what if someone else in your office is playing at the same place? Suddenly you could find yourself wrongly accused of having multiple accounts.

Some places come down more harshly on this than others, and the best thing to do would be to simply shoot a quick mail to customer care for the casino(s) in question with a short explanation about the different IPs and to make sure thats not likely to cause any problems.

In fact... thats good advice in general. If you ever think you're doing something a casino may frown upon or worry about, talk to them about it. In most cases they'll simply add a note to your account, and it's much better to sort out any issues then than just after a big jackpot hit ;)

Oh.. and to be safe... save any replies as later evidence they cleared you to log in from the different IP's.. :cool:


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Dec 2, 2001
If you want to use two your OWN computers then its fine. However if you use a computer that has already been used at a casino they might block you. So using a friends computer might not
be such a good idea.