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Can you make a living playing BJ?

Discussion in 'Ask the Meister' started by keesjansma3, Jan 23, 2004.

  1. keesjansma3

    keesjansma3 Dormant account


    If you would be an experienced blackjack player, with
    great skills and a good betting system, could you then
    make a living online playing blackjack?

    Just like a professional gambler in the normal casinos does...

  2. wossisface

    wossisface Dormant account

    I should think a Dutchman would have no problem making a living from anything he turns his hand to. Go for it, Kees! :thumbsup:
  3. keesjansma3

    keesjansma3 Dormant account

    Well, Dutchmen always have big mouths, dont they!? :)
  4. wossisface

    wossisface Dormant account

    There is nothing wrong with making yourself heard. BTW how is the legal situation developing with online gambling in NL? How do they impose restrictions etc?
  5. keesjansma3

    keesjansma3 Dormant account

    Well, as far as I know dutch casino giant 'holland casino' is pressuring a lot of online casino to prohibit dutch customers from playing.

    Holland casino is a ridicilous casino where you have to pay an entry fee to get in!? Also drinks and food are expensive, where in most other casinos in the world you get them free.

    Holland casino is operated by the goverment , that says enough....

    I think its the only casino we have in holland the others are all scared away by HC.
  6. wossisface

    wossisface Dormant account

    It looks as though the government wants all of the gambling pie to itself, which is understandable from their point of view, but it does not leave you guys with much of a choice. Although on the other hand, if gambling were liberalised, then Dutch players would soon gain the same reputation as the Danish.... (Only Kidding!). Good luck to you, Kees.
  7. Rambler

    Rambler Banned User

    Nobody Can Beat BJ Without Card Counting

    I love gambling as much as anyone. If you apply mathematics to gambling in bj and use counting systems, such as those in The Wizard Of Odds by Micheal Shackleford (hope I spelled it right , the House (casino) still has a .13 plus percentage advantage at a minimum (assuming the house reshuffles the deck every hand). In a land based casino, you have the opportunity to play in casinos with one shoe ( card deck) and multiple shoes (up to eight card decks) based on Nevada and Atlantic City Gaming Regulations. The kenundrum is this: No US land based casino shuffles every hand that I know of (this can give players an advantage!), which Microgaming blackjack doesn't. Thus, since we all know that tens and better appear most in a 52 card deck, if one even used a rudementary counting system, one would narrow this to even money or better proposition. Point of fact; based on current gaming rules at casinos using Microgaming, there is NO WAY TO COUNT CARDS OR BEAT THE HOUSE. I hate to say this, since I love Microgaming software, but even Price Wastehouse Coopers can't look at the casinos claimed payouts or look at the software (on the backend like actually reviewing a paper trail versus taking a casinos words for what they pay; ie remember Willie Nelson went bankrupt under their auditors, lol) and they are supposed to be AUDITORS. This reminds me of potentially Enron hiring Arthur Anderson to exclaim they are fair and then cooking the books potentially. And we all know this corporation went down the shitter with the auditor.) Lucky streaks with black jack are more important on the internet. So if you are psychic, like Yuri geller (not because he backs Michael jackson and claims he loves kids platonically), then you can't win over the long term. My advice, have fun, drink beer, and cash in while you are ahead. So cut the crap and get this good: If you play BJ with Micrograming play for fun, not to win in the long term as I do. Gambling is my hobby, Cogito ergo sume!
  8. umberto

    umberto Dormant account

    If You Read Some Books Refering To Professional Blackjack Players, You Will Find Out Right Now There Are Only 10 Players Worldwide That Make A Living By Playing Blackjack In A Professional Base. The Meaning Of Professional Base Is Playing Blackjack For 8 Hours A Day, Which Is The Work Time Of A Full-time Job. Also, One Of The Those 10 Players Is Greek As I Am...! I Hope Some Day I'll Be The Second!!!!

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