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Oct 9, 2006
Hi Guys
Hope you are having a good weekend. I have an odd question, I guess Ill tell you why I am asking.

As you know, Ive been playing at ibetyoubetonline, it is a play united site (rtg) anyway, I have been hitting left and right BUT......the last few times I came back in the room to play, I get a sign on error and I have to contact them to get me going again. I dont know if it's because I hit my wager requirements and they don't want me playing or what. They turn me back on and I can log in BUT......Im scared to log off now because I put in for a withdrawl.

Once Im in , Im my question is this............I have comcast high speed and can keep my PC on (even though I always log off every night). Do think it will be safe to keep my casino open all night? Im not worried about someone in my home, it's just me and my husband, Im worried about hackers or something like that. I know it sounds paranoid, but Im just afraid once I log off this time, they will have some excuse not turn me back on.

Here's how the day and calls went:

1) This AM.........everything fine
2) afternoon.......hit that big bonus and got to $784, logged off
3) later afternoon.....couldnt log on, live chatted mattheiu, he said it was because I had one other acct ( i honestly wasnt aware of it) he said it was ok and turned me back on. played got to $800, logged off
4) early this evening....called to find out if I met my wager requirment, YES
5) couple hours later......tried to log on, got err and Michael turned me on again
6) 1/2 hour ago , requested a $300 payment

Is it safe to keep my casino on all night?
Hi Lord

I just started playing about 3 weeks ago. Whenever I joined this site is when I started playing
I could be wrong here (it happened once before back in '93), but if my memory serves me right, I think Playunited use skins for a single casino which means affiliates can set up what look like seperate casinos, but in fact aren't. In which case you may have signed up unwittingly through another skin a while back. Just a guess.
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You are right because that guy Matthieu told me this happens alot and that's why he turned me back on when I told him I wasnt aware that I had 2 accounts. He said lol "don't worry, Im not mad" "this happens all the time because we don't have anything that says your signed up with us when you sign up at this one" I said "no wonder it said babs7262 was taken, that was me" I had to pick another sign up name (hehe)

I gotta tell ya, the Customer service people are really really nice here, I was just afraid of being locked out again even though they put you right back on. Its a pain to have to live chat all the time"

anyway, I logged off last night and had no problems and the w/d for $300 of the $800 went fine so far :)


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