Can someone help me get my withdrawal from Bobby Casino?


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Nov 14, 2020
North Carolina
Can someone help me or give me suggestions on how I can get my $100.00 withdrawal from Bobby Casino. As of this post, it has been 32 days since I sent in documents and requested my withdrawal. I have written numerous emails, and I have gone to chat almost every day, but still not money. I was told weeks ago that my documents were approved. Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance,
They don't seem to have a license and their site is filled with spelling and grammatical errors. Usually these casinos that offer 200€ free chips are a scam. You're probably not going to see that 100 dollars if they haven't paid you in 32 days. I mean miracles can happen, but not likely.
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As you know, we do offer a free complaints service: Submit Your Online Casino Complaint - Casinomeister .
If you'd like us to help you please do ensure that you've read and will respect the Player Arbitration Policies and Procedures .

That said @perunamies has rightly pointed out that the chances may not be good given the unlicensed etc etc situation.

Max Drayman
Player Arbitration (PAB) Manager,
Hello Max,
Thank you so much. I will submit a complaint.

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