Can somebody explain me?


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Sep 13, 2005
I want to file a complaint against Windows Casino at Montana Overseas but there are a few terms in their form that I do not understand well.
English is not my mother tongue :(
Can you please explain to me the following :

"Was Faxback form submitted"
"Have you charged back your account"

Your help is very much appreciated.

Ouch... Windows casino = you'll probably never see your money again

"Charge back" is when you dispute a credit card deposit to force the company to pay back the amount paid.

Faxback form. If you ever recieved a form, filled it and faxed it back to the casino the answer should be yes, otherwise no. Or so I think.
Thank you for the answer tencardcharlie,

I must say I always got my money from Windows Casino,and I am playing there more than 2 years.
Problem with them is the poor communication.
But in this case it is a check, which they have sent, but I never received it.
It can be lost somewhere, but one way or another, I want my money.

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