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Oct 17, 2004
Location, Location!
Apologies for probably being a bit stupid, and please feel free to delete this thread, but what's going on with all the 'competitions' etc!??! Try as I might, I've read the threads and stuff but cannot make head nor tail of what's going on!!!!

All I've managed to glean is that some people are having some fun in casino's somewhere -- and the rooms and bathrooms are nice :D

Can someone please explain what's going on... making me miss Vegas!!! :(

Ta! :D
Hi Slotster

Well, awhile back when I was on this other forum (non gambling one)of which I actually still belong to ,Everytime I went to A/C I would do a contest and the winner got free slots by proxy. I would pony up a small amount of cash (like $20) and I would play whatever machine they wanted and if they won I would send the money. I actually only got to win someone money once.

It's just a little fun and then Nash decided to do it when he went to Tunica. Nothing huge but gives people a chance to win some money w/o having to pay for it, that's all. I also post pics of where I am so the winners can get a feel of where Im gambling and get a picture of the machine etc...
That was the contest. I think of a number from 1-100 and who guessed it without going over wins the $20 of play :)

This last one was color

Ill be doing another one on Dec 22nd when we go back for the night

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