Bitch and Moan Can Golden lady Casino black list from other Casinos


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Nov 18, 2015
I received an email from them asking to play there So I emailed back and said No i dont want to delete my account as I googled them and they seem dodgy Anyway I got sent an email saying I had a $30ndb and to log in and play so i did but after seeing that it was Golden Lady casino and realizing I have already researched them I told chat I did not want to as I have googled to many bad things about them and to delete my account So after him trying to convince me they're on the up and up and that every casino has complaints against them and theyre one of the good ones I said dont lie to please just delete my account Anyways now Ive received an email saying they have black listed me with them I dont even care because they seem rouge to me But they are going to get every other casino to black list me as well Can they do that:mad: ( Sorry if ive posted this in the wrong place)


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Jun 4, 2013
they cant black list you from casinos not in there group check out the accredited casino list for non dodgy places to play.


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Oct 14, 2004
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They are blaming YOU for what others have said and what Google has picked up. This only shows that they are as rogue as Google suggests they are, if not more.

Respectable casinos are not going to take them seriously, and indeed could be breaking the law if they accept and process your personal data that they might receive from Golden Lady.

They will probably now sell what they have about you to spammers, so stand by for a spam increase.


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Aug 25, 2004
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But they are going to get every other casino to black list me as well Can they do that?
No - not unless you have committed some sort of fraud.

What I don't understand though, is why you were so desperate for them to "delete your account" :confused:
If you don't like the place (for whatever reason) - just don't play there.



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Dec 6, 2011
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Just change email or for future open new " gambling email " and in all casinos add this gambling email when you registered in some new place.

You close accont in every place who send you spamm ? Im recived daily toon of spams from a lot casinos - some spam go directly from casinos ( Casino rewards group spamer numer 1 ) But some kind of spamm is send directly from affiliate webmaster spammers ) And this is not reason to close casino accont in all this places.