Can anyone wake up the Roxy Palace rep.


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Oct 14, 2004
United Kingdom
Can someone contact the Roxy Palace rep as I still have not heard back from my PM of 3 weeks ago. (Is the rep actually still active, and how are we supposed to know this).
I am getting nowhere with the normal CS. Today I cannot even find out from them how many points I need to earn through play to upgrade my status. As there is only 9 hours of the month left now I am running out of time.
I will be absolutely furious if they tell me tomorrow or the day after that I was within the proverbial "gnats whisker" yet again this month, but will have to start all over again for June.
I doubt it.

I am reading something into this whole affair with Roxy Palace. Now support, who normally reply within half an hour, are ignoring all my E-mails since 6 hours ago. They are clearly NOT prepared to tell me how many points I need in time for me to actually gain them:mad:

I can see no excuse for general CS being unable to quickly provide the answer to such a simple question. Coupled with the fact that the rep has not responded for 3 weeks, but was posting in the forum within a couple of days when points were raised in public makes me wonder.

I HATE all this messing about, If they don't want/like my action, please for ++++++++++ sake come out and say so!!!!!

This all started after that 8000 Royal Flush I posted on winning screenshots. There is no way you can get a jammy Royal from 3 held except by chance. I have been waiting since the 16th for a full clear up of problems, and I was asked to be patient while the relevant department looked into it, but I E-mailed today, and added that I would like to know where I stool with the points, and their reply was:-

Your concerns have been forwarded to the appropriate department as soon as we have any feedback we will contact you

The same department that has been "sitting on this" since the 16th no doubt, so NO, I don't expect to be told how many points short I am tonight; and all further E-mails I send are being ignored:mad: :mad:

If this is a good casino, as I have been told by many (and been told I am perhaps being too harsh on them), then I am gravely disappointed, I really expected a lot better than this, perhaps my expectations were too high, given what other casinos get up to, but I was going on the positive postings made by other players.

I have now received a full reply from the Risk department at Roxy Palace.
They admit there was a general issue with lost mailers, but have now admitted that my account is not labeled to receive promotions as I have already had rather a lot of promotional credits.

All I did was deposit for the Gold level bonuses totalling 700 per week and play aggresively, so this is not an accusation of bonus abuse, but simply that there is actually an overall limit on the amount that a player can redeem from the newsletters.
Ironically, if I can use up this limit in 2 weeks at GOLD level, reaching PLATINUM would serve no purpose if all that was on offer was just a 30% bonus on even bigger deposits.

The DENIED Neteller credit was a cock-up by their finance department. they have a transaction limit of 2,500 but issued a single 5000 instead, and it went wrong, however, they got a code from Neteller that told them it had been credited, and only realised it had not when I complained the next day.

My PM somehow never reached the rep - possible forum error?

I am now left with only the GoneGambling promotions for Roxy Group, however further review of my willingness to play with or without the newsletter will reflect in whether the switch is flicked back on!

This is all I wanted really, for them to "call a spade a spade", and say my account is not one on the list for bonuses, not give excuses about spam filters, problems under investigation, and the like.
They may have wanted to give one big answer, hence the delay, but it would have been nice to be told that I have received my quota of bonus chips in the first place, and that the other problems were unrelated issues still needing further investigation.

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