Can anyone name one casino


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May 11, 2003
where cashouts by players are processed in 2 business days. Casino On The Net is one. The only problem is you must be a VIP player. A VIP player has to deposit at least $5000.00 to the casino and have at least 150,000 bonus points. So far I have deposited about 3200.00 and have about 43,000 bonus points. is a MG casino and process sometimes within a few hours - almost certainly within 24. They are UK focused but accept players from elsewhere (inc. USA).

The Grand Virtual group process after 24 hours but do not allow you to play for real from the US.

These include:

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Also, the Jackpot Factory group have a pending period of 48 hours, BUT if you ring the support and ask for your account to be 'flushed' as soon as you make a withdrawal it is sent to the accounts people straight away thus forgoing the pending perod. These too are MG and include:

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Let me know if you play at any of the above and tell me how you got on!!
I think DaveR mentioned that the Crazy Vegas casinos (CV and Sun Vegas Casino) will skip the pending cash-in period upon request.
Intercasino is lightning fast if you use neteller, I've had payouts in a few hours.

Sunny group casinos (Casino Fortune, Mapau, and Miami Beach) all process in one business day.
Fastest ever cashout were from Blackdogcasino (a few hours) and 32red (also a few hours but usually within 24h) will process Neteller,PrepaidAtm and Western Union payouts within 1 hour.

They have 24 hours customer service.

I think also Thesands casino are pretty fast to process payouts.

What a joke proplayer. One of my friends got his cashout shorted by $1000 or so by their sportsbetting site. Furthermore, they were recently blacklisted (once again) by for slow pay.
Global Player paid me within 12 hours.
I played very late on a Sunday night/Monday morning.
Withdrew and went to bed, when I got up again the funds were in my Neteller account.
GoldenTiger also paid very quickly, think it was 3 days, and a fairly sizeable win too.
Global player.... what a joke. I went there and lost 1400.00 . I am sure they do have fast cashouts since I doubt there are to many.

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