Can anyone explain me this?


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When I read the Terms and Conditions of this Bonus from Ruby Fortune casino I think the following is a contradiction (unless I don't understand it) :

11. You will be unable to withdraw any amount from your account until you've either met the wagering requirements or played through all funds in the Bonus Account. Winnings on bets from the Bonus Account, after the wagering requirements have been met, go straight to the Cash Account.

I thought (after reading this) that there is no money anymore in the Bonus Account after the wagering requirements are met:confused:

WR are 30 times the Bonus and :

9. As the required playthrough requirements are met, funds are automatically transferred from the Bonus Account to the Cash Account - in increments of 10 or $10 or 10. Playthrough requirements are achieved when any real money wager is made.


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Yes you're right! :thumbsup:
Meeting the WR and clearing all the bonus go hand-in-hand. You can't do one without doing the other.
Mentioning like they do there as if it's two separate events just makes their T&C's more confusing. :mad: