Can any P C savey explain this


look at the logo on the tab on top its a bank logo and it stays with this page ,it should be the ace of spades [C.M.] logo , so enlighten me if you can chase logo  on  CM.jpg


Dormant account
It's a missing or corrupted image file. The browser files are stored in the temporary internet files. You can clear your browser's temporary files, which will make the browser re-save the files. Close all of your web browsers, open the control panel (click the round windows button lower left corner, the control panel should appear in the right pane), then select Internet Options. On the General Tab, find the Browsing History section, and click the Delete Files button. Select (checkbox) Temporary Internet Files and website files, then click Delete.

Once it's done open your browser, and when you load the web page, it should be fixed. If for some reason this doesn't do the trick, post a reply.