Calvin Ayre in bitcoin venture?


RIP Brian

Calvin Ayre and Craig Wright (aka Satoshi Nakamoto) go after patent protection.

Online gambling entrepreneur Calvin Ayre, founder of the Bodog brand, was back in the news this week as reports surfaced from the Reuters news agency that he has partnered with Craig Wright, the Aussie IT expert and businessman who claims to have created the cyber-currency Bitcoin and is also believed to use the alias Satoshi Nakamoto.

The Reuters report is that the duo has formed a powerful alliance of Wright's expertise and Ayre's marketing ability and financial strength in a quest to shape the future of bitcoin and blockchain, the ledger technology that underlies digital currencies.

Apparently Wright has lodged over 70 patent applications in the UK and there are plans to file many more , ranging from the storage of medical documents to WiFi security, reflecting Wright's deep knowledge of how bitcoin and blockchain work.

Reuters observes that it is widely believed that blockchains can circumvent the need for big financial intermediaries, and as such, challenge traditional payment systems.

The Huffington Post has a detailed story on the Wright - Ayre collaboration here:

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I-Gaming Industry Representative

But I'm not clear about is whether he's interested in Bitcoin for gambling or the bigger picture.. Or both?

As far as gambling goes, I think Bitcoin will have an important role to play for gamblers;
- restrictive/badly thought out localised regulation
- second world distrust of local currencies
- pseudo-anonymity
- low payment processing fees
- increased uptake of Bitcoin