calling jurgent (or any underage player)


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Feb 4, 2005
boro, uk
just been reading the BV thread (which i'm hoping is not to get onto topic about)

but ive just seen this quoted by caruso

3. When the player was identified, the operator followed eCOGRA's instructions on how to settle the player (I've always said that I believe the operator may have paid the player if this was our advice). The action they followed is also in accordance with the UK Gambling Commission's proposed license conditions and codes, which does not require contributions to third parties;

if the company is going to follow the uk precedent (which accidently i do agree with and ecogra's position on the past issue which i remind people we are not discussing here)

i will say if you are going to follow this rule, then you must follow the other part of the rule that any underage gambler who is found out has all of their deposits refunded whether winners or losers

so if i remember correctly, jurgent had a few problems being paid out through being underage (albeit cirrus,but did you do any of this group ?), so lets see if grandprive now start paying out all off the losing customers who were underage
I'm pretty sure that when this GP issue came to light, administrators went through each and every account to identify any additional gamblers who were underage. Whether or not they received their deposits back - I don't remember.

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