cake poker?


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Jan 25, 2006
a buddy just told me about this place. any feedback? did a search but nothing came up. any thoughts? thanx......
Go to the Blue Lizard Lounge. They have a lot of info on this poker site. I have played a couple of freerolls there and I must say I am quite impressed. Check it out.
I can tell you its a nice site , with a pretty good bonus , only problem is at some times there is not a lot of players online , I have a full review on my site come check it out if you like
Cake now has a skin that has helped with traffic. The recently spun off sends players to Cake. It has helped with traffic. The bonus is exactly the same as Full Tilt's except for Cake's clears in $5 increments instead of $20. Cake is basically a micro NL site.

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