Cake Poker Network Not Secure


Time sure flys
May 24, 2008
Thanks for posting the link.

I thought at first they could capture all the hole card data, but it was only the local client whose connection had been intercepted.


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Feb 22, 2001
The PokerTableRatings sleuths have embedded a video of them successfully stealing hole cards as they were dealt. They've been able to steal passwords and user names from multiple Cake Network skins.

Here's what Cake's poker room manager had to say:

Sure, when the issue came up in May, I asked our software management team. They told me that we were more secure than Cereus. When this all came to light a few hours ago and they got down into the actual code, it turned out they were wrong (as one of the senior managers just admitted to me).

Somewhere along the software ladder, there was a error of omission, commission, stupidity, documentation or some combination thereof. I'm not happy about it and neither is the manager to whom I spoke.

Furthermore, I definitely have to accept some blame here. I could have (and wished I had) pushed further on the response I got, talked to some development people about it (they're in-house), etc.

I'm going to post an official response shortly, but believe me, I feel crappy about having said in May that we had stronger encryption than Cereus did when we didn't. The lesson I've learned is to ask more harder questions when these sorts of things come up.

I owe the entire Cake poker community an apology: I am very very sorry.

Best regards,
Lee Jones

Cake Poker Cardroom Manager