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C-O-N paid out ~45% of the bonus owed



After much communication with the casino they agreed to pay me about half of the bonus money which was owed to me. Although the rules were well hidden at the time they have since made them easy to find and follow. I accepted thier offer and will definately play in their casino again.


Casino-on-Net paid me in full a disputed bonus of $3990.00.
They also made partial payments to two others that I am aware
of concerning this same dispute. One person received a little
less than half his disputed amount but more than the amount I
received. The other person received somewhat more than his
disputed amount but this amount was at 5-figures. All three
of us dealt separately with Casino-on-Net management on
a case-by-case basis.


Meant to say in above message that the other
person received somewhat more than HALF his
disputed amount.