BWIN Casino - software error ... oops!


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Dear Casinomeister forum members, once again I would like to inform you that I experienced error at BWIN Casino when playing the download version of European Roulette Pro.
For months, I have been playing the instant version of European Roulette Pro without any problems. Today I downloaded the casino and, incredibly, the error that I had described here last year in May and then several months later last year AGAIN is here for the THIRD TIME.
I have now sent a message to the customer support.
The first time I pointed out the error, they apologised and credited 1000 EUR as compensation to my account.
The second time I pointed out the error a few months later, they only apologised, offered no compensation and promised it would not happen again (that time, it was after some software update to the download version so I assumed the error probably got transferred from some older part of the software where it still remained - but that is only my conjecture).
So now, for the third time, almost a year later... I am curious what their response will be.

This time, the manifestation of the software error was that I placed a 20 EUR bet on the middle column, number 23 in the middle column came up but no winnings were credited, as shown in this screenshot.
European Roulette Pro - software error - screenshot.jpg


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This is extremely embarrassing, I made a mistake; there was no software error this time. :oops:
They replied to me that I bet on number 35 and not on the middle column - these two fields are next to each other so that is what must have happened...
Also, when the actual error occurred last year in May and September, the box with the game ID was blank for the flawed spin (for which winnings were not credited). But as you can see in my very own screenshot, this time both fields with game IDs contained numbers. I should have noticed that.
I greatly apologised to Bwin and I greatly apologise to all those whom I have mislead by my posts.

Regrettably, it took Bwin as long as 6 days to check the spin with the game ID I sent them and to reply to my e-mail; otherwise it could have been resolved sooner...