BWIN Being a Bit Unfair


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Apr 5, 2004
I checked their bonus T+C - which clearly state that a bonus will be awarded on your first purchase of chips in the casino. They do state that if you log out before being credited then the bonus will be cancelled. Despite my efforts to contact them, the bonus wasn't credited.

When I finally got a response from their customer support after contacting them about five times, I am denied the bonus because I did not click on the correct link. There is absolutely nothing in the T+C regarding clicking a correct link - it merely says purchase chips in the casino, which is what I did.

They are being quite heavy handed - a kind of take it or leave it attitude. Its only 100 euro bonus, but considering these days the hoops you have to go through to enjoy a bonus, I think its a bit of a rum deal to weadle out of this on a technicality.

I've contacted the rep here, but not heard anything.

Its a shame - my first ever bad casino experience. I've not had a bad deal before mainly because of the advice from these pages!

So anyone thinking of depositing here, be careful where you click!
sorry for the late reply, this was definitely a mistake in our terms and conditions and it has been adjusted. I already sent you a PM a few weeks ago to find a satisfying solution for the missed bonus, but you didn't get back to me.

if you contact me, we can talk...would be glad to do so.

best regards


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