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Mar 1, 2013
My experience with one of the biggest brands and online casinos in the world: BWIN

I play on
Was playing some blackjack for some small moneys with my girlfriend to show her the game and have some fun. With the few cents I had left in my account we made a little bit more then €10.00
Then I wanted to change the tabletheme. Now BWIN has imo horrible laggy software with some bugs and to play further I had to refresh the screen. I couldn´t do anything anymore as it was frozen.

I wanted to go back to European Blackjack again and to my surprise the clients said I dont have enough funds to play and I had to deposit.
When I went to my accountoptions I could see the €10.33 is still in play but there is no way to reach that.

Well, not that big problem at first sight. No livechat ofcourse, and I know emailsupport is slow as hell, so I gave them a call to manually release the funds for me, so my gf and I could go on have some fun.
I called them at quite an expensive number. She couldn´t do anything but she forwarded it to the tecnical department. She couldn´t promise it was for the same day but they will try.

I also wrote an email to be sure they handle my problem (i have had some more experiences with them).

Next day (Friday) still the same. Money in play, not reachable. I found an email in my inbox from Bwin. Clear cookies, history and all the **** which I did. Nothing...
Called again, but I had to understand this time that I had to be patient.
I told them I am very patient but that in my opinion it is quite bad this can´t be solved almost instantly or at least the next day? If I put a tenner in a slot at a landbased casino, they will for sure help me out instantly. Now this is ofcourse an online casino, but it can´t be that difficult too, to send some guy to some computer to push that button for me so my money is back. Anyway, this friday they promised me next day it should be probably solved.
Saturday... nothing
Sunday.... nothing
Monday..... nothing and I called again. I have to be patient. Many request at tec. department blablabla

My guess is, they don´t have such a department and if they have nobody is there.

Now all, don´t worry. I did have fun with my girlfriend that night, although it was not with Blackjack, but I find it a bit ridiculous from such a big name to have such poor customer support.

Not comparable to 3Dice, Energy Casino, Quasar, LuckyRed and all accredited casinos here.

5 days and €8.20 phonecalls to recover a tenner for fun.And still nothing...

Bwin sucks horseballs. Only good thing is their fairly fast payouts.

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This is a long shot but maybe worth a try. This being BWIN who also run PartyCasino, long shot but maybe try hopping onto partycasino and hoping onto their live chat and explain the situation to them. Maybe they can pull a few strings, but maybe of course they are two separate systems and can't. But worth a try if you have time.
1 week further

1 week further and BWIN still did not manage to send someone from the tecnical department to push a button so I can acces my funds again.
When I called they told me annoyed that I have to have patience. No answer to my mails anymore.
Well If it was me id be looking at somewhere else to play. There is NO excuse for rude, slow customer service. You should try and claim the call expenses back too. Close your account and find somewhere you will get looked after better is my advice.
hahaha. i was about to post something similar. today i received another email where they apologize and ask for more patience.
Almost 2 weeks further now. BWIN is not able to refund my 10 bucks yet. Their tecnical department is very busy. I received an email I still have to have some patience. Those poor workers at the tecnical department must be so busy it is impossible to find someone who can manually give me my funds back.
Iam really sorry for you journeyman - hope you have learned your lesson that the big players are not necessarily the best players.
Hope you get things sorted out quickly!
thanks hedgehog,

it is not that i really care about the 10 euros. they can put them in Ronaldo´s a**, but it is just really sad this big name handles small issues this bad. Most smaller casinos earn a lot more respect then this big brand.

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