buying & selling T$

I've never heard of anybody having a problem with it, T_B.
I don't think PokerStars has a problem with it, either?
if you actually enjoy poker then 90% of the time they are not worth selling (good value to buy)

this is because $T can be used in almost any stars tourneys including SNGs.

90% may seem a lot but it really isnt because if you think you get 200T$ for a tourney worth 200$+15 rake. So really not that brill. Selling T4 will generally be a bad investment unles syou have hit bad form

W$ are an other matter. At best they are worth 85% of face value (which already excludes rake). Because these have very limited options to play with you have to really want to play these games for these to have anything near their face value. If you win a few K in W$ and dont want to play BIG tourneys then a cash out is the best option even though value poor. For this reason you should rarely play W$ unless you actually want to play in the big games as you are losing a Huge % of prizes
I don't know why anyone would be worried about trading T$/W$. The only way to do it is throught the Stars lobby. The trade will only go through if both players submit the exact same amount of T$/W$ and price. It's just not possible for anyone to get scammed/cheated whatever.

As pokeraddict said, there's a huge thread in the 2+2 MTT Community forum for trading T$/W$. Many offers are done deals within minutes of being posted there.

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