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Jan 23, 2006
Third month i have played at WH. First month i busted out after meeting the WR (the result of WH emailing me some erroneous info that induced me to keep on playing). Last month i earned the bonus and $100 profit. Last night i busted out after doing 1/3 of the WR. It's my understanding that the remaining WR will be carried forward for the next three months and then the slate gets finally wiped clean.

Does anybody know this for sure? If this is true, i'll simply not play there for the next 3 months. If indeed true, it doesn't seem like a great strategy on the part of WH. If you start out with zero WR each month, you are willing to make the monthly deposit again and chances are you'll lose it. With their current strategy,if true, they'll just lose out on a number of monthly deposits.

I believe Intercasino has the same policy as WH but i haven't experienced the problem there yet of busting out before WR is met. When it's not going well at their casino, i switch to poker.
I know that the WR does carry over on William Hill. However, I am not sure that the WR is wiped out after 3 months. This is the first I have heard of that
I dont think this is the case.... Its only if you dont meet the WR by the end of the month without re depositing. Basically I think there saying you have 3 months to fulfil the WR

Eg deposit 90 get free 90 then there is a WR on the 180. Bust out and re deposit there r no requirments to fulfill. Next month deposit 90 when you get your match bonus everything starts from scratch.

In my exerince at both willhill and inter you can cashout while fulfilling the WR, if you havent fulfilled them you will not be able to with draw the bonus amount but any winning you will. Thus leaving the bonus to go back and play somemore, unlike one of the stickies ive experienced which when attemting to cash out if the WR has not been fulfilled you have to pay back the bonus before cashing out.
Thanks BubbleG. I really like that William Hill bonus, only 8x and fast cash outs as well (in your neteller the next day, no reverse withdrawal bs). So, if you bust out before meeting the WR, you really have played the bonus to extinction. That's good to know.

It's my understanding that at WH you cannot cash out at all until you have met the WR. At Interpoker/casino you could cash out your deposit and play risk free with their bonus only. After having played many months of poker there and making very decent deposits, i did that dirty trick in my first month of playing casino there. It wasn't even necessary because i had excellent sessions and never even dipped into the bonus, so my deposit would have been totally safe. Looking at their website the other day i noticed that Inter added some commentary that you cannot withdraw before WR was met (don't recall whether this is just the deposit or winning as well).
ME and my friend noticed some funny things with inters bonus... Get it in the casino and its cash to play with but in the poker room you have to earn it first... If you use the same acc for both get the bonus in the casino play some game then fire up the poker and its cash to play with. I could buy in to tourneys and cash games with the bonus but he can only ever see the original deposit. LOL. I havent played interpoker for a while so dont know if its still the same

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