Bugsy's Club


Aug 3, 2002
Las Vegas
On a friends suggestion I tried out Bugsy's club.

The software is the worst I have ever played on. The buttons are backwards and the software is a massive memory hog and was very slow.

The rake was on the unreasonable side. NL was 5 cents per $1 on low blind on higher blinds it was a more reasonable $.25/$5. In limit it was way too high in 3/6 and 4/8 raking $.50/$10 and on top of that it raked uncalled preflop bets. Every room I have ever played in had a no flop no drop policy except here. For example.......

You're playing 4/8 blinds are 2 and 4 you raise and noone calls it only gives you $9.50 thus raking uncalled bets. I find this to be very unfair.

I made a cashout for my deposit amount after first day it arrived in 2 hours. Two days later I tried to make a second one for $400 and I was told I could not withraw more then once a week. This is ridiculous. It is only a ploy to keep money in the room and very unfair to players. I have never seen this in any other room.

I found the players to be terrible. Calling and chasing anything which left me a nice profit but the room is full of regulars many of which are very rude and rub in bad beats resulting from their terrible play.

They have a 20% bonus that worked off in an average amount of time.

I give this room a very low grade but still might be worth a try for those who are interested in loose lower limit and NL games.
pokeraddict, thanks for your reviews! I feel I'm getting a unbiased report...even though I don't understand everything. A bad beat is when someone with a very good hand gets beat by a great hand, correct?


Tim AKA The Student of Losing
A bad beat is either a big hand getting beat by a bigger hand like aces full losing to quads but what I meant here was that there were alot of chasers so another definition here is having a big hand and getting rivered by garbage. I lost to alot of river sets or straights. Like flopping top two pair and someone calls 55 to the river and hits 5. This is profitable in the long run since these people will only river that 1 in every 23 times and sometimes it wont even win.
He means it's PROFITABLE for the strong hand - unprofitable for the weak hand. It's like blackjack where it takes the long run for things to even out.

If I flop a set of aces and there's a 5 on the flop also, someone with 24 can call my bets and raises till the river and hit a 3 for their straight. They won't hit that 3 often enough for it to be a winning play. They got lucky this time but in the long run they'll lose a lot of money.

Was playing at brick and mortar casino two weeks ago when a guy sat in and was seeing every single hand. No matter what he had he was calling. He was getting extremely lucky and winning. He was up to $650 at the $2-$4 game which is unbelievable. He ended up cashing out after a few hours down to $550.

Next week he was doing the same thing and went through $200 in less than 2 hours. I hope I see him there again this weekend :) It's great that he won that first time though. It gives him the mindset that when he does lose he was just "unlucky" or "the cards are running badly" when in reality the math evens itself out in the long run and strong hands win more than weak hands.

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