budgets & how has ur year gone...places that have been kind to you


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Oct 4, 2011
this year despite a lean spell has been my most profitable year in online casinos..

im a not a high roller and limit myself to £200 a month ...sometimes placed in one casino sometimes spread out amongst a few

i had my highest ever withdrawel this yr £1800..made from a deposit of just £25..ty 32red who has been very kind to me this yr..currently withdrawn a profit there for the last 6 months...

jackpot party has also been kind although you ive had some amazing bad runs there ive had more big wins there than anywhere else including one amazing 10 minute spell on wizard of oz slot..playing £1.20 a spin i got 4 witch feautures in 10 mins each one paid over £250 with highest nearly £500

i know everyone has there fav casinos and there lucky places..but my lucky 3 places this yr have def been 32red..gowild and jackpot party

i know there planty here who do well in 3dice but thats my least luckiest place never had a withdrawel

i wish you all great gambling luck for the yr ahead
The only place that has been very kind to me is my local bingo hall, I won £500+ from just £1!!! Bet365 at the beginning of the year made several withdrawals from just a £20 deposit, £400,£300 etc, I won at another local bingo hall with just£2 =£750 yes just £2, £650 from my local bingo (I don't go very often and yes it's from slots not bingo), 32red has been cleaning me,I am down almost £1400 but if I had not cancelled withdrawals it would be around £900 down,(so come on give me a lucky break lol).

Though I have won a little this year my budget is no better, (there's always a hole for the money I win) the slots do NOT get it back unless I am in a foolish mood, all in all I am not any better or worse off.
Out of everywhere ive played this year there has really only been 32Red that has been nice to me lol RTG has totally sucked and as for net entertainment well some of their games are great but man are they just coin leechers :S Last few months ive reserved most of my deposits exclusively to 32RED because of this, some times my deposits go there just as quick but often times not and its the only place ive really been able to make any cashouts this year or even get any play time. On the whole a pretty horrendous year for withdrawals. :(
Got up to 8.000 $ in may... lost it .... Got up to 10.000 in june... lost it ... in june my favorite casino closed... then won 16.000 in november... lost it! ... So my status is: Much better year than normal!

Normally it's every two weeks I win that much and then loses it due to weird "random" number generators.

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