Casino Complaint Buck and Butler Casino Accepting Deposits - BUT Withdrawal Section does NOT WORK !


Dormant Account
Jul 23, 2017
United Kingdom
I should let everyone know that Buck and Butler Casino has been trying to fix their "withdrawal page" for about a month now.
I have winnings on my account which I cannot withdraw.

Funny thing is that, they are still accepting deposits. Their deposits work perfectly well .... so when the time comes to withdraw your money, you just can't
PAB received and the OP is now clear on the importance of not posting while the PAB is active: proceeding with the PAB.
The Buck & Butler web site (for UK players at least) is very buggy indeed. I wanted to change my deposit limit a few months ago and it would never work.

Best of luck with the PAB :thumbsup:
Buck & Butler out of money

I dont believe their "technical problems". Players have beenunable to get money out month now. It is a crime to let them still collect deposits.

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