Rogue Announcement Bronze Casino - preys off problem gamblers


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Jun 30, 1998
Oh - what a tangled web we weave...

Bronze Casino caught red-handed accepting a player who admits having a gambling problem:
My secret shopper poses as a UK player – banned by all of the UKGC licensed casinos (gasp) – and he really wants to play. What better way to do this but through an unlicensed casino such as Bronze Casino.

Bronze Casino chat session
The text reads “Good morning! I have been banned from UKGC casinos for gambling problems. Can I play here? I heard you allow UK bets! :)

Yeah – the secret shopper heard it from Magik Slots which referred him to Bronze Casino.

The friendly chat person Keren responded: “We have players from the UK:) what’s your name?”

More chat from Bronze Casino
Cool! My name is Mike.

“Mike – yes, I am blocked from playing at UKGC licensed casinos. I am a high roller and looking for some good deals. What can you offer me. ?

And she says:

“I would like to welcome you to casino, and let you know that on your first deposit you are entitled to a great bonus of 200%"

Avoid this unlicensed craphole at all costs. Get more info about them here: Bronze Casino review
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