British gamblers protected from Vegas-style manipulation


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Oct 15, 2004
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In new legislation to allow Vega-style casinos to be built in Britain, the casinos will be banned from manipulating tactics to get punters to spend more money.
The Government wants to introduce safeguards against Las Vegas-style manipulation in Britains eight super-casinos. The first is expected to open in 2010 if the Gambling Bill becomes law. The controversial legislation returns to the Lords for a committee session this Thursday. Alcohol has already been banned from gaming tables, and the new casinos will not be able to use incentive schemes like free hotel stays, hotel upgrades and meals that may encourage problem gambling.
It is a well-known practice of US casinos to use underhand tactics to get people to stay in casinos for hours on end. For example, nowhere on a casino floor will you find a clock, and it never gets dark. These fool slotters into loosing track of time and spending more money.
British Culture Secretary, Tessa Jowell has expressed disdain at these policies and claims she will not be allowing them at the new casinos on British soil.
Ms Jowell said as reported in the London Times, British casinos will be quite different to those overseas. They will have to act in a socially responsible way and will be tightly regulated. They will be run according to British rules and well simply not allow any tricks which people are subjected to unawares and which increase the risk of problem gambling.


Do you think withholding of such "Vegas-style casino practice" will prevent increase in problem gambling..? :rolleyes:
**old man - there is no prevention of 'problem gambling' - but that does not prevent anyone from trying to control it. This is just my opinion. so long as there are good mecanisms in place to deal with the 'problematic behaviour' then all is well as far as i am concerned. besides there are always loopholes in the best thought out plan - it is a fact - i wish them well. **
I wonder what she is smoking.

With all this talk about protection, 70% slots and 88% video poker remain legal, and I have to travel abroad or go online to play games with decent rules.
Jowell is the one who had her publicity shot plastered in all the papers of her putting bets all over a roulette table, big grin on her face.

She's not smoking anything. She's just a bent bitch with her little fingers reaching out into this collosal pie. Rest assured she's got her percentge guarenteed if she can pull it off.

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