British bookmakers plan self-regulation

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It's was on BBC 5 Live today, concerning 20% of bookies' window space designated for RG info, no advertising on TV of sign-up bonuses/offers and restrictions before 9PM, plus not aiming at young people so much.
An attempt to fend off further regulation. They have agreed to do things they should have already been doing, and not do things they shouldn't have been doing.

I have even seen "bonuses" advertised in bookies' windows, a concept not normally seen outside of the internet. The least prominent adverts seem to be for their core business as it once was, betting on the horses and the dogs.

They would not have changed their ways had they not feared the regulators coming after them with a big stick.
I think it's more likely an attempt to ameliorate the damage to the retail bookmaking industry caused by the political, media and activist campaigning against FOBTs in betting shops, which went on for an extended period and created negative perceptions of the bookies, at the same time focusing attention on other sensitive areas like the extensive use of television advertising and bonusing.

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