'Britain's Streets of Debt: Losing It Online

Just watched the first twenty minutes or so - fascinating stuff - cheers!

I understand the 'online' aspect makes gambling more accessible, but it's not the fact that it's online that makes it so bad... I'm sick of seeing/reading reports to that effect. Yes it's easier to gamble nowadays, but when is making things easier and more accessible good - and at what point does it become bad? I guess when, like loads of different things, it affects people from an addiction perspective and that particular addiction is highlighted and publicised.

Good promo for 32RED, BetFred, Ladbrokes and 888 though!
I've not watched this yet (I intend to later) but bad news is what interests people unfortunately. We should be thankful it's the BBC - if it was Channel 4 you'd probably be thinking gambling was worse than terrorism by the end! Thanks for the link :thumbsup:
It's certainly not a hatchet job on the online industry.

It was quite funny when the West Ham fan criticised Middlesboro for having 888 as thier shirt sponsor. He probably didnt know about this -

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