Brit Hits £2.7m Mega Fortune Dreams Jackpot at Casumo


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Jan 21, 2016
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On Friday 17th August at 5:27pm, yet another player hit a jackpot at Casumo. This time, soon to be 60 year old Susan, won £2.7 million in Mega Fortune Dreams, making her the third player in less than five months to hit a big jackpot at Casumo online casino. With this win, the total value of jackpots won at Casumo this year is close to £10 million.

When the screen started blinking, Susan was in shock and couldn’t believe her eyes.

“It’s so unreal. These things just don’t happen to people like us”, she says. Her partner thought she had had an accident when she called him at work to reveal the news. He was just as shocked as her and kept saying that this thing can’t be real.

It wasn’t until a representative from Casumo called her up to congratulate on the winnings that they both slowly but surely started to realise what had happened. Susan is turning 60 this year and is living in a small village. She recently retired from her job at the local council where she was taking care of the elderly for 26 years, making sure they were okay. She likes dogs and crafts, and just like many others she is dreaming about a bigger home.

“My partner loves cars and motorcycles so we’ll probably get a bigger house with a garage. All bikes are now stored at relatives,” Susan explains. “We haven’t yet decided how to celebrate the win, but we’ve been planning to throw a mutual birthday party later this year. For sure there will be an open bar at that party.”

Susan likes to play games but is more of a bingo player. She hasn’t played much online casino before, and the decision to try her luck in Mega Fortune Dreams, one of the biggest and most popular progressive jackpot games online, was pure coincidence. With £9 left on her account she placed a £3 bet and hit the jackpot of £2.7 million.

This is the third jackpot in less than five months to be won at Casumo. In total, jackpots of nearly £10 million have been won at Casumo this year.

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Apr 4: Player wins €4.6 million on a €1 spin in Mega Fortune Dreams
Aug 17: Player wins £2.7 million on a £3 spin in Mega Fortune Dreams

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Jun 5, 2015
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I just heard that he was a Scandinavian who was just on holiday in the UK when hitting the win? Bjorn-Suzan is not a typical Liverpool name :cool:


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Aug 29, 2012
I love their fantastical backstories, they always warm the hearts of my cockle.

On the plus side, she didn't work at Liddl's (p/t), didn't support five young kids AND wasn't on her last 25p spin when it happened :cool:

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